Grid-based fashion stores

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As part of starting the preliminary work on a new Online Store for a jean label in Australia, I was asked to gather together examples of how grid-based design works for fashion sites by my design partner (an industrial designer).

EvisuMy partner in this project was not looking to steal design cues – we already have a strong foundation to the graphical side of the site and Modular-A will power it. Rather, as someone without a background in web design, he wanted to see examples of grid-based design in existing online fashion stores.

So rather than keep this small, but useful trove of examples to ourselves, I would like to share it with other designers. Hopefully you too can find some ideas from these.


The Affair


I’ve saved the best until last. Whilst not an Online Store per se, it is a fashion site and is an impressive example of minimalist grid-design.

Faebric also has built-in small-screen device “responsive” transitions, which are perfect for grid-based design. In fact, it can move from a 7-column 1280 screen to a 3-column 480 pixel screen with ease. Enjoy.


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