David Ashkanasy

Experienced Digital Producer


I am a passionate, driven, purist web designer. I'm a prolific Tweeter about my research into web design, front-end coding, user experience and interfaces. I believe that quality web design enables the Internet to empower people by providing structure and humanism to content.


  • Design, development, Responsive Web Design and mobile first development.
  • UX, UI, IA, SEO, usability, web typography,
  • "Progressive Enhancement", "Agile Development"
  • Accessibility, "Web Semantics", web standards.


  • I have a strong sense of ethics and best practices, and a love for doing the web properly.
  • I continually try to improve my understanding and application of web usability and user experience.
  • I take a strong interest in continuing to improve my coding efficiency and ability.


  • WordPress
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Axure Pro and Omni Graffle
  • Git and SVN
  • HTML(5), CSS(3), JQuery
  • PHP, mySQL, LESS and SASS


Bonsai Media

Web Development Consultant

2014 - present

UX, UI, IA, web development, WordPress, project management.
I help Bonsai come up with web solutions for current and upcoming clients. Leaning off my 10+ years of experience in the industry, and working with their project managers, I help ensure their web projects are launched with the best mix of web technologies.


Bento Graphics

Freelance Web Design Contractor

2011 - present

Design, UX, UI, IA, wireframing, prototyping, HTML(5), CSS(3), JQuery, PHP, mySQL, SEO, mobile development, typography, accessibility, usability, WordPress.
Massive Projects
Worked as part of a four person team, to redesign and redevelop the largest English-language newspaper in Japan into a responsive web design. With over 4 million unique visitors a month, it was the largest responsive redesign since the launch of the Boston Globe.
Design and development
Worked directly with my colleague at Bento Graphics to develop wireframes, story boards, layouts and typography. Together, we both developed all of the front-end code as well as developed the WordPress templates.
High Profile Clients
Worked with clients such as Japan Times, Dentsu PR, Ping Mag and Trina Solar.


Ashkas Web Design

Freelance Web Designer

2007 - present

Design, UX, UI, IA, wireframing, prototyping, HTML(5), CSS(3), JQuery, PHP, mySQL, SEO, mobile development, typography, accessibility, usability, WordPress.
Working for myself, I've learned to harness increased efficiency throughout the design process, and the importance of time management. I usually work on multiple projects at once.
Autonomous and Team worker
I primarily work on my own but the nature of the work requires a close working relationship with my clients. This close relationship with some clients has allowed me to practice progressive enhancement, design-in-the-browser and lean development approaches to help keep their websites up-to-date.


AQ Works

Front-end Programmer

2010 - 2011

My front-end programming skills were heavily utilised whilst at AQ Works. Working on a range of projects, both internally and for companies like Asics, I had to rapidly develop code for front-end applications. I also completely rewrote the stylesheets for the the AQ Works website.
Mobile Development
Developed a mobile-optimised web app from the ground up. This involved: project planning, wireframing, database coding, writing PHP templates, interacting with JQuery for GPS mapping and mobile-touch controls, as well as HTML and CSS programming for the interface.


Tokyo Web Design

Freelance Web Design Contractor


Design, prototyping, wireframing, UX, development, HTML(5), CSS(3), JQuery, SEO, WordPress.


Information Technology Services, The University of Queensland

Web Designer

2004 - 2010

Design, wireframing, prototyping development, UX, UI, IA, HTML(5), CSS(3), JQuery, "Progressive Enhancement", "Agile Development", accessibility, usability, user testing.
Interface specialtist
Being the specialist designer and interface guru in the team allowed me to apply web design best practice and usability concepts in an agile project environment. I also gained experience and exposure to using version control here, especially when working with a team of developers as part of web application development.
There was a policy and research element to my work as well. I helped chair a University-wide committee that selected a new Content Management System for the university.
Big Projects
I also helped develop the new University-wide web template, as well as built a number of information websites around the University using HTML, CSS and JQuery.


Featured in .net Magazine

August 2013

The work I did with Benjamin Thomas from Bento Graphics, for the redesign and redevelopment of the Japan Times website into a fully responsive web design, with over 4 million unique visitors a month, resulted in a 3-page feature article in the main web industry magazine. The work involved in the project was discussed and I provided a tutorial on setting up web typography for responsive web designs.


Web Directions Conference

2007, 2008, 2014

The premier Web Design conference in Australia. At this conference I'm able to learn from some of the best about web layout, usability, accessibility, navigation systems, interface systems and workflows.


To continue developing myself both professionally and personally by challenging myself to improve my knowledge and application of web design. New technologies and design paradigms appear frequently, and it is up to me to know these and apply them, to ensure the Internet remains a powerful agent of change.