Quick Drive: Golden Grid System

3 min read

Just last week, Joni Korpi released his latest grid system the aptly named, Golden Grid System (GGS). This was his first attempt at a fluid grid system, having previously developed the widely praised fixed-width adaptive grid system, Less Framework. Having already developed my own fixed-width adaptive system for use in my WordPress template, Modular-A, I […]

Grid-based fashion stores

1 min read

As part of starting the preliminary work on a new Online Store for a jean label in Australia, I was asked to gather together examples of how grid-based design works for fashion sites by my design partner (an industrial designer). My partner in this project was not looking to steal design cues – we already […]

Modular-A: Grid-based Design

3 min read

A lot has been written about the growth of grid-based web design recently, so I will avoid adding to the discussion of how to implement and why it is beneficial for web designers (see links below). Instead I would like to focus on my own implementation, the advantages in it and the questions I still […]

Where ‘theme’ fits into UX development

3 min read

At the heart of any User Experience (UX) design is the ‘theme’ you are instilling into the website visitor’s mind. This makes it an important aspect of any website where consideration is made for UX. Despite this obvious proposition it is important to consider where this fits into the development process. In my opinion consideration […]