David Ashkanasy

Web Designer & Interface Guru


I am a passionate, driven, purist web developer. I'm a prolific Tweeter about web design, front-end coding, user experience and interfaces. I also run my own blog focusing on web design.


Design, development, UX, UI, IA, HTML(5), CSS(3), JQuery, PHP, mySQL, SEO, mobile development, "Responsive Web Design", "Progressive Enhancement", "Agile Development", typography, accessibility, usability, "Web Semantics", web standards, web design grids, writing.


  • I have a strong sense of ethics and best practices, and a love for doing the web properly.
  • I take a strong interest in continuing to improve my HTML(5), CSS(3) and PHP skills.
  • I both research and read widely about accessibility, usability and user experience to improve my understanding and application.
  • I am dedicated to learning by embracing new tasks and roles.

Application skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • inDesign
  • CMS: WordPress, Drupal and bbPress
  • Git


AQ Works

Front-end Programmer

2010 - present

Design, UI, wire-framing, HTML(5), CSS(3), JQuery, PHP, mySQL mobile development, accessibility, project management, Git, version control.
My front-end programming skills have been heavily utilised whilst at AQ. Working on a range of projects both internally and externally, I have had to rapidly develop code for front-end applications. In particular I have completely rewritten the CSS for the mobile version of the AQ website, developed their workflow for using Git and am currently developing a mobile-optimised web app from the ground up. This has involved: project planning, wireframing, database coding, writing PHP templates, interacting with JQuery for GPS mapping and mobile-touch controls, as well as HTML and CSS programming for the interface.

Ashkas Web Design

Freelance Web Design

2007 - present

Design, UX, UI, IA, wire-framing, HTML(5), CSS(3), JQuery, PHP, mySQL, SEO, mobile development, typography, accessibility, usability.
I work on a variety of web projects, where I develop websites for organisations of various sizes. Working for myself, I've learned to harness increased efficiency throughout the design process, and the importance of time management. I usually work on multiple projects at once. I primarily work on my own but the nature of the work requires a close working relationship with my clients. This close relationship with some clients has allowed me to practice progressive enhancement, design-in-the-browser and lean development approaches to help keep their websites up-to-date.

Tokyo Web Design

Web Design Contractor

2010 - present

Design, development, UX, HTML(5), CSS(3), JQuery, SEO, Javascript.
This has been my first experience developing bilingual websites as well as websites for non-English speakers. I learned about the importance of culture in my design decisions.

Information Technology Services,
The University of Queensland

Web Designer

2004 - 2010

Design, development, UX, UI, IA, HTML(5), CSS(3), JQuery, "Progressive Enhancement", "Agile Development", accessibility, usability, user testing.
Working for the Information Technology department in one of Australia's largest universities, I worked on a range of large projects as part of a team, which included developing both web applications and websites. Being the specialist designer and interface guru in the team allowed me to apply web design best practice and usability concepts in an agile project environment. I also gained experience and exposure to using version control here, especially when working with a team of developers as part of web application development.
There was a policy and research element to my work as well. I helped chair a University-wide committee that selected a new Content Management System for the university.
I also helped develop the new University-wide web template, as well as built a number of information websites around the University using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash.


Tokyo Restaurant Finder

Web App for Grade A Smartphones

A mobile web app, with native app-like features delivered via the browser, for finding restaurants in Tokyo based off existing reviews by online magazines or bloggers. The app aims to provide spontaneity for restaurant selection when people are already out, whilst connecting them with a vast range of under-utilised restaurant reviews. I have developed all of the code for this app, which includes: PHP, mySQL, JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. I also have come up with all of the designs, graphics and workflows. This app is still in development, however, it is slated for release soon.


Template system for WordPress

I developed this template system from the ground up to help increase my work efficiency as well as to put into practice some of my own ideas about web design in general and usability. I use this system as my testing ground for all the latest web technologies and frameworks. I take advantage of the HTML5 BoilerPlate, the Hybrid Core framework for WordPress, CSS3, "Responsive Web Design" and various ideas of mine (based off experience and research) on how to improve web usability.


The University of Queensland (Australia)

Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies)
Bachelor of Journalism

1998 - 2003

Purdue University (USA)

Overseas Study Program


Awards & Industry

Web Directions Conference

2007, 2008

This the premier Web Design conference in Australia. When I had the chance I attended this conference to learn more about layout, usability, accessibility, navigation systems, interface systems and workflows.

Dynamic Web Training

Fast Track to Flash & ActionScript for Beginners.

Vision Australia

Web Writing Workshop

Accessibility Workshop

University Awards

Five University of Queensland Dean’s Commendations for High Achievement

Journalism Education Association Ozzie Award for best news story by an undergraduate student

Journalism Education Association Ozzie Award for best story any medium, undergraduate or postgraduate

Career Objectives

In the near future I am planning to do a Masters in Interaction Design, possibly at The University of Queensland. This degree will allow me to further achieve my goal of working in interface design at a higher level.


English - native.

Japanese - basic.